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Brisbane Building Tenant Updates

In the news

The last year has been very challenging for many businesses, especially commercial real estate. Here at the Brisbane Building, we’ve been fortunate to hold our own. Brisbane Realty Associates is happy to announce several new tenants and tenant renewals.

New Tenants

Lionel Bland, a fashion designer from New York City leased 600 sq. ft. in suite 300 for a 1-year term.

CBCA is an architectural firm with a concentration in historic restoration. They leased 1,084 sq. ft. in suite 506 for a 3-year term.

HUNT Mortgage relocated from Lancaster to the Brisbane Building. They leased 9,000 sq. ft. in suite 200 for a 5-year term.

Cricket, an AT&T company signed a lease for the northwest corner of ground floor.


National Fuel renewed their lease for 3,031 sq. ft. in suite 104 for a 3-year term.


Duggan Pawlowski & Cooke LLP is a full-service law firm concentrating on real estate law, civil litigation, estates, business and corporate law, personal injury, and criminal defense. They were leasing suite 700 but in the last year, they doubled their space taking 3,084 sq. ft. in suite 314 for a ten-year term.

Greenman Peterson Engineers (“GPI”) is a very versatile engineering firm whose current lease began in 2018. They currently occupy 3,775 sq. ft. in suite 330. They increased the term of their lease by ten years and will take an additional 1,800 sq. ft. in 2022.

HUNT Commercial has been in the Brisbane Building since Stuart Hunt bought the building in 1985. Since Bob McDonnell became their COO two years ago, they’ve been growing consistently. They are moving from suite 400 where they occupied 4,040 sq. ft. to suite 200 where they’ll take an additional 1,500 sq. ft. for a five-year term.

S&T Bank is a rapidly growing commercial bank. They moved to the Brisbane Building just about two years ago, taking 2,775 sq. ft. in suite 225. They will be moving next door and taking an additional 1,200 sq. ft. as their WNY portfolio continues to grow.

Renoun Creative is a full service customer success agency hell-bent on helping forward-thinking businesses grow through better branding, design & marketing. They’ve been in the Brisbane Building since 2014 and are currently in suite 503. They will be leasing an additional 600 sq. ft. adjacent to their current 1,800 sq ft suite.